WebTst Do You Know ?


  • Interceptor can be a great tool for debugging your web applications. By sitting in between your application and your browser, you can spy on all communications going back and forth. Just set your debug level to a higher debug level when starting the interceptor process.
  • Interceptor is capable of intercepting even secure transactions (SSL). It creates a self-signed digital certificate on-the-fly upon process startup and uses it for a "man in the middle" capturing and proxying. Bottom line: always inspect certificates that a browser presents to you...You never know if they are legitimate unless you do...You could be a victim of an attack.

WebTst Recordings

  • WebTst does not make use of any database, instead it stores all it's info in the filesystem. The directory structure of recordings follows the naming convention:
    • Prefix usr_ for user directories
    • Prefix fld_ for folder directories
    • Prefix rec_ for recording directories
  • Since it relies on XML files in the filesystem you can generate programmatically all the tests you want. This becomes especially usefull if you want to generate hundreds or thousands of tests (been there, done that!).

WebTst playbacks

  • WebTst keeps a record of all captured bodies, headers and status in a directory called playback_results under the respective recording directory. If you have any doubts about a run, you can go "down to the metal" and inspect the captured results.

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